Daily Report – Friday, 5/13/16

Much busier day! A warbler wave arrived, esp. OVEN and COYE.
Skies started clouding over at 9:00 a.m., fog rolled in at 13:00. Andy and Jeff arrived on the JBH at 18:00 along with many volunteers. Within a half hour we had to close the nets due to rain. Since dinner time was pushed back to 19:00, we all got to enjoy a sit-down meal.

Cheers from Appledore: Peg, Bill, Andy and Jeff

Work underway on Celia Thaxter's garden
Work underway on Celia Thaxter’s garden
Scarlet Tanager
Scarlet Tanager

Banding list for May 13, 2016

Species Code Number
House Wren HOWR 1
Veery VEER 2
Swainson's Thrush SWTH 1
Gray Catbird GRCA 4
Ovenbird OVEN 12
Northern Waterthrush NOWA 1
Black-and-white Warbler BAWW 5
Nashville Warbler NAWA 1
Common Yellowthroat COYE 16
Northern Parula NOPA 2
Magnolia Warbler MAWA 3
Yellow Warbler YEWA 1
Chestnut-sided Warbler CSWA 3
Black-throated Blue Warbler BTBW 1
Lincoln's Sparrow LISP 1
Swamp Sparrow SWSP 3
White-throated Sparrow WTSP 4
Scarlet Tanager SCTA 1
Baltimore Oriole BAOR 1
Total banded: 63
Previously banded**Number