Daily Report – Tuesday, 5/24

We have very little to report today, as we were closed for most of the day due to wind, drizzle and rain. We opened the core 5 for an hour in the morning before the rain came in, then were able to open for a few hours in the afternoon. We had a grand total 1 bird banded, 1 recapture and 1 return – a Gray Catbird originally banded in Spring of 2013.

Bill gave a most entertaining talk about the gull project and Anthony spoke about the banding station to a group of 14 high school students and their 2 teachers, who are visiting from Ithaca, NY.

We are all hoping for better weather and more birds in the morning.

the AIMS crew

Found in the net lanes in lieu of birds (bird banding irony)
Black-bellied Plover unconcerned by the weather
Black-bellied Plover unconcerned about the weather
Anthony unconcerned about the weather
Anthony unconcerned about the weather
Bill unconcerned about anything
Bill unconcerned about everything

Banding list for May 24, 2016

Species Code Number
Yellow Warbler YEWA 1
Total banded: 1
Previously banded**Number