Daily report – Wednesday, 8/31

Hi again! This is taking too long. Our band-aides keep bringing in points of interest. But, Wednesday ? The winds were forecast to be SW on Tuesday night/Wednesday and they followed the forecast. The birds were also predictable – scant – but signs of restlessness are out there. The Wilson’s Warbler was new for the season. A Kingbird is always wonderful and the plethora of Catbirds is simply astounding. Most of them are coming in with smooth outer feathers now even if they are all still molting under their robes. Not a single Waterthrush was either seen or caught! We ran Crystal Lake from breakfast until dinner with pretty meager results. Ninfa’s American Oystercatcher up by Sandpiper Beach was definitely the sighting of the day. We are starting to think about gull resightings and David is wondering how he accomplishes so little when the birds are so few. Cora, David, Ninfa, & Sally send you the memory of yet another gorgeous Appledore sunset!!

Current state of Crystal Lake
Current state of Crystal Lake
Hatch-year female Wilson's Warbler
Hatch-year female Wilson’s Warbler
Sunset 2
Sunset Part 1
Sunset 1
Sunset Part 2

Banding list for August 31, 2016

Species Code Number
Downy Woodpecker DOWO 1
Eastern Kingbird EAKI 1
Red-breasted Nuthatch RBNU 3
Gray Catbird GRCA 9
Cedar Waxwing CEDW 1
Ovenbird OVEN 1
Wilson's Warbler WIWA 1
Total banded: 17
Previously banded**Number