Daily report – Friday, 9/2

Further greetings and smiles!! We awoke to a very gentle northwest breeze. In the “old days” this would have produced a major flight of birds. Not this year! Not last year!! What is happening out there??? Look at our nuthatch and catbird totals!! Imagine this season without nuthatches!! Catbirds are definitely increasing and it is such fun to see the fuzzy messes we put bands on 2 weeks ago coming back to see us looking wonderfully sleek and handsome on the outside no matter how many feather pins are still emerging on the inner layers. Shelby spotted our first hummingbird for the season – and yes, the feeder has been filled with fresh joy juice. She also spotted a Glossy Ibis in the Swimming Pool that stayed only briefly. The Yellow-crowned Night-Herons are still regular visitors there though. Cora left us fairly suddenly this morning – a victim of the boat schedule so Ninfa, Shelby, and David are enjoying learning in amazingly beautiful surroundings! We have joy to share!!

The season's 100th Gray Catbird, HY-U
The season’s 100th Gray Catbird, HY-U

Banding list for September 2, 2016

Species Code Number
Downy Woodpecker DOWO 1
Least Flycatcher LEFL 1
Eastern Phoebe EAPH 1
Red-breasted Nuthatch RBNU 7
Gray Catbird GRCA 4
Northern Waterthrush NOWA 1
Black-and-white Warbler BAWW 1
Common Yellowthroat COYE 2
Magnolia Warbler MAWA 2
Yellow Warbler YEWA 1
Wilson's Warbler WIWA 1
Song Sparrow SOSP 1
Purple Finch PUFI 2
Total banded: 25
Previously banded**Number