Remembering Stella and Jim

Two former AIMS volunteers, Stella Walsh and Jim Ries, both passed away in July.

Stella volunteered at the station for about six years before moving on to banding operations on Stratton Island, ME and the River Point Migration Station in West Falmouth, ME. Many station staff will remember her outgoing, no-nonsense personality and larger-than-life sense of humor.

Jim volunteered at the station for several seasons starting around 2009. His presence enlivened the banding station with his kindness, good nature, and gentle humor.

Jim and Stella will be greatly missed!

Stella (third from the left) with David, Marygrace and Peg.

Stella with a Pileated woodpecker, at River Point Migration Station.

Jim (on the right) with Martha and David

Jim (third from the left) showing his joy for life; pictured with David, Peg and Martha