Suggested Packing List

Packing tips:

  • Use waterproof bags or line your bags with trash bags.
  • Pack multiple smaller bags rather than one big bag – bags have to be carried up over rocky terrain from the dock.
  • NO BAG SHOULD WEIGH MORE THAN 50 POUNDS! Luggage over 50 pounds may be delayed in getting out to the island.


  • General guidelines:
    • Be prepared for warm or cold conditions, and for wet weather. Bring layers!
    • Bring plenty of clothes — there are no laundry facilities available.
    • Keep buttons, zippers, and velcro to a minimum, especially on shirts — they can catch on the nets

Some specific items you are likely to need are:

  • Rain suit or poncho
  • A pair of shoes that is waterproof or can get wet (the morning dew is notorious)
  • A hat and/or sunglasses
  • *There are aprons at the banding station you can use to carry supplies, but some people prefer to bring their own apron or a field vest.
  • *If it’s warm, you may want a pair of TEVAs or other durable sandals
  • *Swimsuit (if you’re actually considering swimming)

For the dorm:

The island provides a mattress with cover, two blankets, and a pillow but it can be cold, especially in the spring, so you may want extra warmth.

  • Warm sleeping bag or extra blankets
  • Pillow case
  • Sheets if you want them (extra long single size)
  • Towels & washcloths
  • Alarm clock


  • Sunscreen
  • *Bug spray (especially in the fall)
  • Flashlight
  • Binoculars
  • Bird book (we have a selection in the banding station, but many people want to take notes)
  • *Laptop computer or tablet; wireless Internet is available in the banding station and other locations on the island
  • *Camera with close-up lens, charger or extra batteries, and memory cards or computer cable
  • *Reading material or other down-time entertainment.
  • *Headphones (if you bring music, videos, etc.)
  • *Snacks and drinks


The Appledore kitchen is able to provide vegan and vegetarian meals. For other food restrictions or allergies, there is a form you need to fill out upon arrival in the kitchen. We highly recommend that you bring any special dietary needs with you.


Please be sure that you bring plenty of your prescription medications with you.

*Optional, but recommended