Volunteer Checklist

Once you're on the schedule, please be sure to complete the items below.



At all times: Copy Banding Station Coordinator Anthony Hill on any emails about your time on Appledore. This includes emails to Sara Morris as well as those to Collin Love or any other SML staff.
After scheduling your dates: Email Collin Love (the SML Island Coordinator) to get on the Boat Schedule
Complete the required forms and bring them with you to the island to give to Collin. 

Note: Unless there are any changes to medical info, dietary restrictions, or emergency contacts, anyone who has come to the island in the past two years does not need to submit new forms. If you are not sure whether you need to submit forms, check with Collin.

The day before you go: Confirm your boat reservations with Collin
While on the island: Turn in the required forms to the Island Coordinator.
Pay your boat fees ($43 round trip) to the Island Coordinator. Checks should be made out to UNH.

Contact Info

Collin Love, SML Island Coordinator



Anthony Hill, Banding Station Coordinator