AIMS Bird Banding

The Appledore Island Migration Station (AIMS) is a research team studying landbird migration and stopover ecology on Appledore Island Maine as part of the Shoals Marine Lab. AIMS is run by a group of volunteer banders and bandaides under the direction of Dr. Sara Morris, who has been leading the station since 1990.

2024 Banding Schedule

Spring Dates:
May 9 – Jun 9
Tentative Fall Dates*:
Aug 14 – Sep 6

*We will work on the fall schedule in July

Resources for Our Team

Volunteering for AIMS

As a research operation, our primary mission is to collect data that will be used for scientific studies or to support bird conservation. While we are happy to provide educational experiences to the students and participants at the Shoals Marine Lab, AIMS does not offer formal training or programs.

Our station typically does not accept short-term volunteers (e.g., people looking for experience from a variety of sites), however we are happy to train people who are likely to return to be part of our volunteer crew.

We are located on an offshore island, six miles off the coast of Portsmouth, NH. Weather permitting, we open our nets before sunrise (and then watch sunrise over the Atlantic), close the nets just before sunset, and run the nets all day. Our volunteers are involved in recording our data, checking nets, removing birds from nets, and helping maintain our facilities and supplies. Our most advanced volunteers may also request to be trained in all aspects of the banding, measuring, and data collection.

People who are interested in learning about our volunteer activities should contact Rebecca Suomala