Daily Report – Monday, 5/16/2016

Because of constant gale-force winds, the net lanes were closed all day. At times, if there was a Martha on the island, she would have been blown out to sea! Andy departed on the 9:15 boat and had a very rough ride back to America going against the strong westerly winds; Liz Burton arrived at noontime, along with Bill’s gull team. The roughest part of the boat ride coming to Appledore was getting onto the dock being tossed about by strong waves.

Due to net closures, Peg FINALLY made it up to Crystal Lake and South End. Before Andy’s departure, Peg and Andy were able to check out Broad Cove and the northern valley. The wind chill factor was 32 degrees, so no dawdling. Nine Black Guillemots were spotted off of Broad Cove, and Andy counted 117 Common Eider. Peg spotted a Northern Shoveler – drake – in the swale, and then again at Crystal Lake. A Northern Mockingbird showed up on the lawn outside the banding station.

Katherine spent the morning getting the MARS station set up. She had some challenges but she problem-solved and is now ready for birds.

And finally, another Gull Bill story. The 2016 gull season interaction contest has started: gulls – 1; Bill – 0. On his way to meet the boat at noontime, a gull knocked Bill’s hat off. No big deal, Bill is used to the reaction of gulls to his presence. Bill collected his hat and proceeded on to the dock. After helping unload the boat and enjoying lunch with his crew, Bill tried to read something and only then realized that not only his hat had been knocked off, but also his glasses! He had to walk the hill a couple of times before he finally located them. Peg noticed at lunch time that Bill did not have his glasses on and wondered why. Little did she know.

Farewell Andy, welcome Liz, and hoping gentler winds are on the way,

Peg, Andy, Liz, Katherine and Bill

Dock May 16 2016

2016-05-May16-Unloading (1)-001

2016-05-May16-Mixed company-001


2016-05-May16-CAGO family-001

No birds were banded today!