Daily report – Wednesday, 5/18

Inbound migrants on Wednesday included Lauren and a short surprise visit from Dr. Julie Ellis! Outbound migrants included Chef Charlotte (very temporarily, we hope), Peg and a lot of birds. Wednesday was a much mellower day in the banding station, which (like most things) was both good and bad.

The good: having more time to look at and learn about the birds — and there were some nice ones! Katherine’s id skills are coming along great, and she’s very nice about it when we accidentally reveal the id on a quiz bird.

The bad: well, fewer birds.

And there was no ugly to be found on another beautiful Appledore spring day!

Cheers from Liz, Peg, Bill, Katherine, and Lauren

IMG_2680- Blackburnian




IMG_2674 Greater Yellowlegs

Banding list for May 18, 2016

Species Code Number
Blue-headed Vireo BHVI 3
Gray Catbird GRCA 7
Northern Waterthrush NOWA 3
Black-and-white Warbler BAWW 3
Common Yellowthroat COYE 3
Northern Parula NOPA 2
Magnolia Warbler MAWA 5
Blackburnian Warbler BLBW 1
Chestnut-sided Warbler CSWA 1
Blackpoll Warbler BLPW 1
Black-throated Blue Warbler BTBW 2
Yellow Palm Warbler YPWA 1
Myrtle Warbler MYWA 1
Song Sparrow SOSP 1
Swamp Sparrow SWSP 3
White-throated Sparrow WTSP 13
Scarlet Tanager SCTA 1
Northern Cardinal NOCA 1
Total banded: 52
Previously banded**Number